30 Oct

If looking for an inexpensive and agile drone, them the ideal choice lies in the Sky Viper Nano. This tiny drone is less than 3 inches in diameter, but the sophisticated technology and outstanding agility make it no less than the sophisticated drones out there. With just a touch of a button, you can make the drone perform incredible rolls and make it easily controllable up to 200 feet. The Nano owners praise the drone for its quality and performance. The four propellers make it much more stable, fun to fly and easy to control.

Specifications of Sky Viper Nano

The Nano’s specs boast of features that make for higher quality and agility that defy its small size.

Accessories of Sky Viper Nano include charging cable, 1 battery, replacement propeller, 4 blades, propeller screws, a remote transmitter along with a user manual. What makes the Nano stand out among other drones on the market are because of the number of features that make it special. The drone can easily fit in the palm of the hand and is just 2.75 in. in diameter. Fun and nimble, it boasts of some sophisticated features and superior technology that make it easy to control. For example, the Stunt button allows one to perform barrel rolls and other interesting tricks quickly and effortlessly. These features make for an overall pleasing flying experience, and even beginners can do those fun tricks.

The ability of the drone to perform tricks is one example of the agility that pervades the whole flying experience with this Sky Viper Nano. In fact, reviewers praise the drone maximum for its stability and agility. The drone is simply fun to fly and the four-blade technology further improves the flying experience. The four propellers technology means that there are numerous sensors on the dozen that perform a variety of tasks. Those sensors allow the drone to remain stable in the air and add to its overall agility and responsiveness. It is easy to control when flying.

Nano’s stability may get disturbed in windy conditions because of its light weight and tiny size. However, still, the drone remains fairly stable and is easily maneuverable in the air. The transmitter in the drone is very much like the one in more expensive and sophisticated drones. The result is that one enjoys a flying experience that is much superior and better, and one can get lots of practice on this drone before moving on to the bigger and expensive drones. The remote transmitter on the Nano can easily control it up to 200 feet and thus adds to its flying responsiveness. Thus, you can enjoy a long-distance flight minus the fear of losing your drone. You can get repeated flights thanks to the battery recharges within 15 minutes. The extra blades come as useful accessories that add to its overall value.

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