30 Oct

If you have been looking for the world’s smallest quadcopter, then it is the Q4 Nano quadcopter from Hubsan. Apart from the unique characteristic in its tiny size, it has other appealing features. For example, the drone offers loads of fun as it combines its size with some great capabilities. There are some practical accessories that make the Q4 Nano more durable, responsive, and stable as well as fast. Get ready for a great indoor flying experience.

The Specs of Q4 H111 Nano Mini Quadcopter

The features of tiny flying machine offer a glimpse into its power and speed. Study those features to get a glimpse that characterize this remote-controlled machine.

77in. X 1.77in. X 1in.in dimensionsFlashing LED lights7 volt rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery25-30 min. of charging time6-axis gyro for stabilityRemote control range for 50 meters4 GHz radio control.

Enjoy 5 min of fun filled flying time with Hubsan Q4 H111 Nano Mini Quadcopter, although longer flight times have been reported. The accessories comprise of charging cable, spare propeller blades, transmitter, propeller protector rings, and battery along with a user manual. The incredibly tiny mini quadcopter is about the size of a quarter. However, the flying experience punches in lots of fun and excitement. The delightful mini flying machine is agile and fast, and you will be impressed by its speed and responsiveness. This is what makes its antics more entertaining. You can flip it all the way in any direction, thanks to the 360° eversion. The tiny size and light weight body of Q4 H111 Nano allow it to perform these tricks.

The small size and light weight add to some advantages. For example, even when it crashes, there are no damages. Moreover in the event of a crash, the propellers come off ad this further prevents the propellers from damage. All you need to do is reattach them to the drone and enjoy flying their Q4. The Q4 sports a 6-axis gyro that makes it incredibly stable, and prevent it from blowing around.

Despite its light weight, speed, and agility, you will find it easy to control and it will not wobble during flight. This is a great drone to fly, and any drone enthusiast will only be too happy with the experience he gets. The durability and agility offers a high degree of entertainment from beginners as well as more experienced drone fliers. You will simply be delighted by the power and agility of this little quadcopter. However, it is not recommended for use by children. The extra features of the Q4 add to the amount of fun and make it ease of use. For example, the bright LED lights on the copter make it easy to find the drone in the dark. Get half an hour of complete charge with the help of its rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Add Q4 to your collection of drones and this will make for an enjoyable and valuable addition. The power and agility of this little quadcopter will never cease to amaze you.

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