29 Oct

The Ionic Stratus quadcopteris st expensive drones that are camera-mountable. Now you can look forward to some great photographs in the air, thanks to the Go Pro Hero camera. What the high performing drone offers you is the best combination of flying and photography. Moreover, there are some additional features that are sure to add to the experience and make it easy to navigate, for example, the customizable throttle control stick and the headless mode.

Specification of Ionic Stratus Drone Quadcopter

Perhaps the two most outstanding features of the Ionic Stratus quadcopter is the Go Pro camera attachment as well as the price. However, there is still lot more to the drone, and some important features make it a solid drone in other areas.

The accessories include4 protection frames, four rotating blades, one battery and charging cable, remote transmitter, 1 Go Pro Hero holder, screwdriver, two landing skids and a user manual. The stable drone is easy to control as well as inexpensive. Thus, you get to enjoy some great features in a single affordable package. For example, you enjoy higher stability and reliability in this drone boasting of 6-axis gyro. Thus, even when it performs tricks such as 360º flips, you can enjoy higher stability. Moreover, the landing gear allows the drone to get cushioned when its landing. The attached camera is kept completely safe from the negative effects of a hard landing.
Go Pro Hero mount allows one to secure a Go Pro Hero camera in front because of the higher stability in the Ionic Stratus Drone. The result is that you can take high-quality Go Pro photographs from the air. The report shows that the drone provides a stable and a secure method for taking the camera up in the air and get satisfactory pictures of the flight. Moreover, one can attach any every type of Go Pro Hero camera and get some great aerial photographs, thanks to the versatility of Ionic Stratus Drone.

There are some other features that make the drone easily controlled and responsive during flight. For example, the throttle control stick can help move the drone in a variety of directions.  You can move the drone up and down, left and right and even conduct 360º flips with just a little push of a button. There are three different speeds that you can select to get the best flying experience you are looking for. Its headless mode is perhaps the most useful control feature. Thus, when you direct the drone to move in a certain direction, it will move in that direction based on its front and back, instead of about where you are placed. Move the drone in the direction you want because of the headless mode. The reviews on Ionic Stratus Drone Quadcopter show that the users can enjoy smoother movements of the drone when flying and with better control.

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